1) The Green Tea Therapy Pedicure $65

Enjoy a relaxing soak and ease your mind into peacefulness. Green tea leaf starts into this special service. The feet are then treated to an exfoliating with green tea leaf, dead sea salt glow scrub, and a luxurious massage. A layer of sea butter is applied the feet are then dipped in paraffin wax and wrapped in warm slippers. When your feet emerge. They will be extra soft and young looking, Follow up with a hot stone massage 5-10 minute will leave you a best relaxing day ever. after all we’ll finish up with warm towels and fresh coats of polish selected from your big selection.

2) Sport Pedicure $60

SPORTS TREATMENT: a hard-core TREATMENT of hard-working het softeners and removes dead skin specially formulated with EPSOM Sat which is beneficial for minor sprains and bruises, also helps relieve tired muscles and keep your kg and feet moisturizer. The perfect pedicure for restoring runners and working fees. First soak your feet in warm water with EPSOM SALT, LENON and gingers to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, Exfoliate the dry skin in organic OATMEAL, SUGAR, and we juice treatment. The essence of hot stone penetrating warmth and healing energy put the bounce procedures and hot polished lava stones between your toes while we massage your feet finish off with a towel and a fresh coat of polish to seal the kiss

3) Pamper Yourself With Pearl Powder Pedicure $55

We are excited to introduce you our new product pearl spa’ in which pearl powder is finely milled powder from quality freshwater pearls.
A) PEARL SOAK, warm bath prepared with soothing peal powder soak for refreshment softening calluses and skin and taking away the sweaty smell of the feet
B) PEARL CLEANSER Jean skins, toenails, and heels with pearl oil-rich cleanser.
C) PEAL SUBAR SCRUBS helps exfoliate away dry and dead skins and restores skin silky texture to the lustrous skin.
D) PEARL MASK this contains mineral-rich pearl powder to keep skin clear and smooth, leaving it with a sheer radiant glow followed by hot towels.
E) PEARL CREAM LOTION MASSAGE deep massage with hot stones, which release toxins, knots, and promote wellness.

4) Milk and Honey Pedicure $70

Your feet are bathed in WARMHOT WATER SENSATION SOAK. This is soaked in MLK AND HONEY with a hint of milk power. followed the soak, a honey scented sea salt
scrub is applied to exfoliate. A honey and ice cooling gel coat the feet which are then wrapped in hot towels. It is all finished with hot stone and paraffin wax massage with honey cream on your feet. Paraffin helps heal and rejuvenate rough, dry cracked feet. Deeply moisturizes the skin, DELICIOUS!

5) Coconut Oil Pedicure $65

Your feet are bathed in warm water sensation soak. Following the steps of our regular pedicure we moisturize and soak your feet in luscious coconut oil and cream blend. Enjoy this sweet scent of summer fun all over your skin and feet a fragrant foot bath and an exfoliating and nourishing coconut and sugar scrub, followed by a foot massage with hot stone and coconut yogurt (the heat of stone increases circulation, decrease muscle spasm and softeners the tissues) finished with paraffin wax wrap on your feet and coconut oil on your leg.

6) Tropical Breeze Paradise Pedicure $55

Relieve tired, achy legs and feet. This fruity and tangy spa indulgence would beautifully smooth your skin and boldly stimulate your sensed First you will soak your feet in a blend of warm water WITH ALL NATLAAL TROPICAL FRUIT for 5 minutes, reshapes rail, cuticle is groomed buffering to a healthy shine combining with callus remover. Exfoliate skin with extracted tropical fruit scrub Massage leg and feet with tropical oil and hot stone to help relieve physical exertion, muscle cramping and provide the skin to help protect it again drying A COOLING YOGURT MASK treatment with WARM TOWELS.

7. Spa Pedicure $45

After a long hour of working it’s time for you to come with us and enjoy OUR WARM WATER FOOT TUB. Our professional technicians will be trimming, reshaped and putting your toes all in the best condition. Alight callus treatment will be performed to rub away your stubborn callus. An exfoliation scrub then will be applied to remove all the dead skin on your legs and feet giving the most glowing and smoothest skin. Follow up with a warm towel with love you a best relaxing day ever. AFTER ALL WELL FNSH UP 5-7-MNUTE MASSAGE AND FRESH COAST OF POLISH SELECTED FROM YOUR DIG SELECTION

8) Pedicure with callus remove $35

You will enjoy all the benefit of basic pedicure plus callus eliminator treatment & use pumps pad
to break down calluses. For severely rough and callused feet. A softening solution is applied to the callused areas, set for 3 minutes then exfoliated with footboard This treatment will remover 1-2 layers of dead skin, however, several treatments may be necessary over time to completely remove hard calluses.

9. Classic Pedicure $30

Our classic pedicure consists of warm foot

10. Luxury Pedicure $75


Manicure $20
Manicure Shellac $35
Gel Polish on Top $15
Gel French on top $20



Fill With Gel $40
Acrylic Fill In $25
Acrylic Full Set $50
Gel Polish Fill $25
Full Set $45
Ombre $60
Pink & White Fill-In $45
Pink & White Full Set $55
Pink Fill In $40
White Tip $50
Shape $5
Design $5



DIP French $50
DIP new set $45
DIP Ombre $55
DIP Fill $40



Kid Gel Polish Hand $15
Kid Manicure $15
Kid Pedicure $20
Kid Gel Polish Toes $20
Gel Polish On $15



Back $50
Bikini $35
Brazilian $55
Chest $55
Chest & Back $75
Combo (BrowUp Jaw&Chin) $25
Eyebrows $12
Full Face $40
Full Legs $55
Half Legs $30
Jaw & Chin $15
Lips $6
Stomach $15
Underarms $18




Moscato Champagne


Cabernet Sauvignon


Pina Colada
Malibu Bay Breeze
The Nails bar Daiquiri
Moscato Green Apple


Coke & Diet coke
Seven up
Hot tea
Peach and passion
Iced tea

All drinks are complimentary

Must be 21+ and present a valid photo ID upon request. Limit one per service / two per customer.